The Magic Foam Shower

The Magic Foam Shower in Action


Takes up about 12x20 feet, can fit 30 people, and creates absolute cleanliness for over 3,000 people a day with warm water rinse!  (Please allow 20 by 30 feet for the Magic Foam Shower and standing area alongside the trailer.)

For kids and adults!


Fully contained foam and rinse unit


The Setup


Standard size 20 foot trailer, can be parked roadside or taken to off road festival grounds.  Additional equipment stays on a truck, which needs to be positioned nearby


Safe grip flooring, with catchment tank underneath for a 1,200 gallons used water storage


Please allow space for the 20 foot trailer, 10 x 10  booth, and an additional 10x10 staging area (placement flexible)


Patrons will be able to sample Dr. Bronner's  soaps, lotions, hair cremes, toothpaste, bumper stickers, and more!


The foam crew will transport, deliver, unfold and deploy the Magic Foam Shower.     


Teamwork plus the right equipment makes it happen.  We will work with event coordinators; and we are typically able to provide generator power and work out a water management plan to fit the event.