The Legacy of Jim Bronner


The All-One Magic Foam Experience is a novel, ecological and exhilarating foam “shower” that covers you in foam and leaves you feeling refreshed and tingly-clean. Made simply from Dr. Bronner’s soap, water, and compressed air, the foam is safe and biodegradable.

The All-One Magic Foam Experience was created to honor the late Jim Bronner, son of Emanuel Bronner, who invented the industry-standard fire-fighting foam concentrate in the 1980s. He later modified his foam to make artificial snow for Hollywood sets, and he even created a home foaming unit for blasting snow-like foam in the backyard when his children were growing up. 

Today the Magic Foam Experience brings the joy of foam to many types of events, to be enjoyed by young and old alike. The Experience also serves as a tool for spreading Dr. Bronner’s message of unity and care for Spaceship Earth, sharing knowledge about natural and organic products, as well as Dr. Bronner's advocacy and community support around the world.  

Triple D Creations, based in Asheville, North Carolina, brings all this and more to many locations on the East Coast!


There are so many ways to enjoy the Magic Foam!


The Plexi Foam Box

The famous portable foam shower unit, able to clean thousands in one day using 20% of the water in a "normal" shower.

Like a human car wash, foamy homies enter and receive a high volume, but soft foam soap blast, and warm water rinse cycle.  The unit is fully contained and catches or relocates the rinse water safely.


We can blast foam over thirty feet, and create a snow-scape for fun at any event.  All natural and bio degradable castile soap can enhance any location in your favorite fragrance without hurting the environment.  Great for benefits and kids' groups


Foam Slide

Why not slide faster and cleaner with some Magic Foam?  We can roll out a 100 foot super foam slide or scale down for the younger ones.  Nobody goes just once!  


Dr. Bronners foam on the go!  Raise the energy level with foam, music, and dance

Magic Foam at Your Location

To find out what our setup, footprint, and process is to bring the Magic Foam Experience to your event, check here.

Marine Corps Mud Run in Virginia

LEAF Festival Plexi 3.0 Foam and Foam N' Slide

                                             The LEAF Festival Downtown 2017   

                       The Plexi Magic Soap Box 3.0   at the Mud Run                                     Terrain Racing!

                                Foamy slip n' slide                                              The Leaf Festival, Asheville

                                                    Multi person capacity, the muddier the better!

More Foam Fun for the kids